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"...Dr. Kat nails it from the beginning,where she clearly defines the differences between Intimacy and Sex. And equally important, the difference between what defines those two words for a woman, and for a man". Ginnie Bivona, Author

"Intimacy is the foundation of relationships. It begins at infancy. Those who lack intimacy lack what creates the bond, respect and affection that supports love”. Dr. Kat Smith, a Doctor of Human Sexuality, offers a guide based on the foundation of all relationships - INTIMACY. 

The ABCs of Intimacy provides a diverse ingredient list for an intoxicating love cocktail. Ingredients such as respect, nurturing, support, affection, and openness; in heart, mind and spirit, in order to better give and receive love; to accept new and pleasing experiences. Dr. Kat encourages the application of those missing ingredients into our relationships to assist in resolving issues and bringing about a more loving, dedicated and satisfying relationship. For example, in the book she advises that sex is only a component of the whole of intimacy. After sex what do you do with the rest of your love life? 

Intimacy is the solid ground for which love stands. This program helps you fortify love’s foundation.


Kat Smith

Dr. Kat Smith, DHS, ACS, has been helping couples repair relationships through intimacy re-education for over 10 years. A Doctor of Human Sexuality, Certified IntimalogistTM (Intimacy Expert) and TedX Speaker, Dr. Kat Smith is a published authority on sexuality and relationships. For more details visit

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to ABCs of Intimacy

  • 2

    Intimate Basics

    • Intimate Basics

    • ABCs_of_Intimacy

  • 3

    How We Define Intimacy

    • How We Define Intimacy Video

  • 4

    Love is Easy as ABC

    • Love is Easy

    • ABCs of Intimacy Conclusion

    • ABC Action Plan

ABCs of Intimacy

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