Course Description

  • Are you a successful, driven, independent women seeking love?
  • Do you find yourself intimidating men?
  • Do you wonder with all your success and achievements, why do you feel like a failure at love?

Many mature, intelligent, well established women who are, homeowners, world travelers, handy around the house with great jobs/careers are still alone and wondering why. You deserve to have love and happiness just like anyone else.

"You don't have to play masculine to be a strong woman." Mary Elizabeth Winstead

You can have it all - success, independence and love, without sacrificing anything that is authentically you. How? By applying the strategy that helps in this program, Balance Love and Life - Intimacy for the Independent Woman.

You no longer have to choose love or success? There is balance in all things and when you can have a healthy and loving relationship, independence, self sufficiency and success, once you learn how.

Many independent women fear losing themselves in the vortex of love. The belief that falling in love will reduce their drive and make them weak and submissive. At our core we are love. Many put up walls or adorn masks as if they don’t want love, but we are all human and love is built into our DNA. The problem is, we don’t know how to navigate around the intimidation and miscommunication that success breads.

"Being a strong woman is very important to me. But doing it all on my own is not." Reba McEntire

In my Balancing Love and Life - Intimacy for the Independent Woman program you will learn to receive the love that is yours to claim. Just like you invested in your success, you can take these easy steps to find, create and maintain the love relationship you are longing for. You’ll uncover:

• the underlying cause the disconnect with men and how to resolve it

• how to achieve balance in your life

• identify the types of men are attracted to you

• how men and women express intimacy

• creating balance, happiness and love

If you are tired of scaring off potential lovers or feeling lonely and you’re ready for measurable change, then put aside your ego and learn how to be the confident, capable, independently loving and loved successful woman you are. Why wait to begin your empowering transformation?

Register today and begin your journey to Balancing Love and Life and get the love you deserve.


Join Intimalogist Dr Kat Smiths Online Course Balancing Love & Life. Learn how you can be successful, independent and have love. Balancing Love & Life is one of many online courses offered by Dr Kat.


Kat Smith

Dr. Kat Smith, DHS, ACS, has been helping couples repair relationships through intimacy re-education for over 10 years. A Doctor of Human Sexuality, Certified IntimalogistTM (Intimacy Expert) and TedX Speaker, Dr. Kat Smith is a published authority on sexuality and relationships. For more details visit

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Mind of an Independent Woman

  • 2

    It's Not Male Versus Female

    • Embracing Your Power

  • 3

    The Intimidation Challenge

    • 8 Tips to Diffuse Intimidation

  • 4

    Independenty Desirable

    • Using your Power for Pleasure

  • 5

    Intimacy Versus Sex

    • Clearing up the Confusion

  • 6

    Strength in Devotion

    • Key to Having it All

  • 7


    • Encouraging Words